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Spill Kits Direct is a dedicated easy to use e-commerce website specialising in Oil Spill Kits, Chemical Spill Kits and Oil and Chemical Absorbents. We aim to provide all your pollution control requirements for small to medium size oil, chemical and general maintenance spills in the work place. Our products range from small oil absorbent pads, to clean up spills in a workshop, through to large oil spill kits for use on super tankers at sea. Spill Kits Direct offers competitively priced, quality assured products with a very high level of service, expertise and technical assistance from people within the industry.

Oil Absorbents

Oil absorbents absorb hydrocarbons such as: diesel, petrol, oil based paints, solvents and other organic liquids, etc.

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Chemical Absorbents

Direct pads, rolls, socks, cushions, loose material, and booms.

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Maintenance Absorbents

Individual sorbent products, including pads, rolls, booms and socks.

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Spill Kits

The most up to date spill kits available in the market place. Click here for our comprehensive list.

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Drain Protection

Our Flow Stoppers; such as Clay Plugging Compounds and Dry Clay Powder pots stop the leaks and flows from potentially polluting products.

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Drum Storage

Designed to minimise the risk of spillage. Our range include: Sump Flooring, Sump Pallets, Can & Lab Trays, Over Drums, Funnels, Pallet Converters, and Pop-Up-Tanks.

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Flexible Storage

Spill Kits Direct supplies a range of Primary and Secondary Containment equipment. Our range include; Drums, IBC'S, Bunds and Drain protection equipment.

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Spill Kits Direct have a team of dedicated trainers with real experience of spills.

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Direct Personal Safety Kits are of high protection levels and are essential for protecting personnel from hazardous materials during spill response.

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Keep your workplace safe, and meet Environmental Agency recommendations.

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Reconditioned Items

Keep your workplace safe, and meet Environmental Agency recommendations.

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Special Offers

See the latest Spill Kits Direct Special Offers

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