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Flexibund 17 – Size: 1200cm x 40cm x 30cm – Capacity (LTR) 9600

£1,492.90 (Ex VAT)

Portable Temporary Multipurpose Secondary Containment System to catch oil/fuel/chemical or Contaminated Water. Buy Direct from Spill Kits Direct.


Pack description:

  • Flexibunds are a multi purpose secondary containment system to cah oil, fuel, chemical or contaminated water.
  • Portable flexibunds which unfold to give effective containment (bund) for all mobile equipment.
  • Manufactured from hydrocarbon, chemical and UV resistant PVC coated fabric that is hard wearing, maintenance free and easily cleaned.
  • 9600 Litre capacity.
  • Use for mobile plant and generators.
  • Can be used as a portable decontamination pool for vehicles and equipment wash down or as a secondary containment for temporary (pillow) fuel storage.
  • For rough surfaces protect the flexibund with a ground mat.

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Weight64 kg


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